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If you haven't noticed, our front page has changed slightly. Recently, I ran some metrics and found that the server status module was adding around 0.8 seconds to the page load time, which is a long time in internet rendering terms. As such, I have disabled this module and will re-write it to cache the server's status in a database. This should speed up the load times on the front page.

Also, currently is down. This was added 10 seconds (!!!) to our front page's load time. As such, I've currently disabled the wowprogress module and will re-enable it when comes back online. I'm going to try to write a faster check into the module, perhaps caching wowprogress's up/down status into a database, so that we don't end up with 10 second page loads when their site goes down.

If anyone notices any problems in the future or has suggestions on what to add, remove, or change on the site, please contact Allisu.

Both modules (Realm Status and WoWProgress) have now been updated. Both will work similarly going forward. Each has a background script that runs every 15 minutes to update the data from the remote websites to the local database. The information displayed on the front page will come directly from the local database now, rather than from the remote site. This makes all information being displayed on the front page local data, rather than some remote data. This seems to have cut page load times by 3/4. Instead of a 1.6-ish second load time, they are now around 0.4-0.5 seconds.

The website has been updated to the latest and greatest version of the software that we run. I've done my best to patch everything together as well as I can. The only item that's not working is the guild application. It's been re-directed to a post with a form that the applicants should use. I will look into fixing it over the next few days. Also, the forum software has changed. All posts still exist, however.

If you notice any issues with the new software, please go yell at Allisu!

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