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Legend of the Green Dragon
I'm not sure how many of you may have been in to BBS's back in the day, but anyone who was surely remembers BBS Doors. You probably even remember one in particular: Legend of the Red Dragon (LoRD). Well, there's a browser-based version of the game called Legend of the Green Dragon, and I've set up a game. It's available at I just started the game today, so it's still fresh.

Personally, I have an Admin character (Cilraaz) for handling petitions from the server. I also have a Moderator character (able to view petitions and moderate chat, but not use super powers) that will be my main play character. That is Allisu. I will be striving to make sure that the game is as fair as possible.

Please join me in the game, as it's one I've always loved! Also, if you want to see anything added, removed, changed, etc, then please submit a petition.

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