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New Battle Chest & Free TBC Upgrade
Quote from: Bashiok (Source)
Haven’t yet ventured beyond the Dark Portal? Beginning today, June 28, players will be able to get both the original World of Warcraft and the game’s first expansion set, The Burning Crusade, for only $19.99 as part of the new digital Battle Chest now available in the online Blizzard Store. In addition, anyone who owns the original World of Warcraft, regardless of when they purchased the game, will automatically be able to access all of the content and features from The Burning Crusade expansion at no additional cost. It’s time to set forth from Azeroth, adventurer -- Outland awaits!

Unlimited Trial
Well, kinda... Blizzard has changed the way trial accounts work. Trial accounts will no longer have a 14-day limitation. Instead, they will have a level cap of 20. They will have no character limit (aside from those that all accounts have: 10 per realm, 50 total). Anyone can play as long as they like and level their characters to 20. Beyond that, they'll need to purchase the game. And don't worry about more Orgrimmar spam:
Quote from: Blizzard Entertainment (Source)
The restrictions should still all be in place. Trial accounts simply no longer expire.
So, all of the standard trial restrictions will be intact. Only the duration of the trial has changed.

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