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Raid Changes

It looks like Blizzard is testing out the separation of 10 and 25 man raid lockouts, as well as higher item levels for 25 man raiding.  Below is a translated Korean blue post.

Quote from: Blizzard
We received several feedbacks regarding raid instance lockouts and 10/25 rewards, and we appreciate your opinions and deep interests.  We thought that Korean players wish to enjoy the most hardcore contents more flexibly and according to their play styles.  Therefore, from the upcoming patch we decided to change the raid instance lockout rules for all KR servers.  Raids, as usual, will be reset every 7 days following maintenance checks.  However, after 5.1 patch 10 man and 25 man raids will have separate lockouts.

From now on, players could play raid instances, such as Mogu'shan Vaults, in both 10 man and 25 man difficulty.  Normal and Heroic difficulty raid of same instance will share same lockout as usual.  Furthermore, the loots of 25 man raids has been buffed, and will offer higher ilvl compared to same 10 man instance.  For example, Terrace of the Endless Spring in 25 man difficulty will drop loots with ilvl of 504, while 10 man will drop 496.

We wish that players will further enjoy the contents and gain satisfactory rewards and decided to offer the system that suits most well with the KR players.

Will this end up coming to the US/EU servers?

Lesser Charms Change

Patch 5.1 will love your bag space long time.  Lesser Charms of Good Fortune are officially being converted to a currency and will not longer screw you by taking way too many bag slots!  From Twitter:

Quote from: Ghostcrawler (Source)
Looks like we can turn Lesser Charms into a currency in 5.1. Whew.

Blue Posts

Quote from: Blizzard
Patch 5.1 Class Changes
The problem with Hunters are their cooldowns, remove stampede or change it, make the duration longer but damage less
The changes made to Beast Within make it so that Hunter pets are more easily controlled.  So when a Hunter pops Stampede now, if you use some form of control to keep those pets from going wild on yourself or a partner then you will be able to protect your team.  On top of this as well is the change to Lynx Rush, which will lower potential burst damage.

and the change with warriors is to not let them use every CD at once, and remove gag order on pummel which is the most braindead mechanic ever, faking a interrupt, joke get silenced anyways...
We have another update planned for the Patch 5.1 PTR Patch Notes blog soon and recommend that you keep an eye on this to see what else is coming for patch 5.1 as there ar esome changes for warriors.

How about after all of these nerfs we get some buffs to sustained Damage? Or is it going to take 4 more years until hunters are viable in arena?
I don't know about you, but right now I think that hunters are quite viable in arena >.>  Also, I believe that hunters were doing quite well last season in compositions such as PHD and Junglecleave... also, while people did not like the team composition, triple DPS also did quite well in which hunters were involved.

On to the sustained damage over burst though.  The change to Lynx Rush will lower burst and also increase the sustained damage of hunters as it will be apply DoT effect rather than a direct damage attack.  So you can take Blink Strike for direct damage and Lynx Rush for sustained, depending on your play style.  This as well as the ability to move while casting certain shots helps with increasing sustained damage.  Remember that the patch notes are not final, more is still to come as I have already said.

This change means nothing to me as I can't save my healer
Well, I see you are specced into Chillblains as a Frost DK.  Howling Blast will slow the movement of the pets to give your healer or yourself some time to get distance.  Also, what class is your healer and what about your other partners?

A priest can Psychic Scream or use Void Tendrils.  Druids can Mass Entanglement and Displacer Beast to get away.  Shamans can Earthgrab totem and Astral Shift.  A paladin can Repentance, Hammer of Justice then use their first tier talent to get away and if in severe trouble they can bubble too.  A monk can use their first tier talents to get some distance as well as using Fortifying Brew, Expel Harm and even grapple the hunter weapon to mitigate damage.

There are loads of ways to get away and protect yourself or your partners, especially if the pets are not immune to crowd control.  The things that I have listed are also only some of what can be done, if you also include a third team member into the equation the possibilities for control increase even further. (Source)

Ghost Speed and Flight Path Speed Increase
If you are referring to the guild perk Ride Like the Wind, we are aware of a number of flight paths that restrict them from being affected by the perk.  This issue only affects a very small number of flight paths and was because of how they were made and interact with certain quests (all fairly technical stuff).

All other flight paths should be functioning correctly with Ride Like the Wind, and we can request that specific flight points be double checked when reported.

Quick and the Dead at 100% was too fast sometimes.  However, Quick and the Dead at 10% is Way Too Slow.  could we compromise and make it 40%?
Your concerns have been noted.  I'll try to bring them up at the next meeting with our developers. (Source)

LFR Loot System
Anyone else get royally shafted like this?
The game now recognizes not only your class, but your spec.  Once upon a time (not very long ago), there was every chance that you would go through a raid and not only would no items drop that were useful for your class, there was a very good chance that if they did, they wouldn't be useful for your spec.  Or if an item dropped that you wanted and was particularly sought after, there was a chance that an unscrupulous raid leader would simply take it for themselves.  It was entirely possible to go raid lockout after raid lockout in this way.

The new loot system isn't perfect, but it does help address those issues.  It's not designed to deliver into your hands shiny new items perfect for exactly how you've tuned your character to function though.  There's always an element of randomness to how loot drops, and that's by design. (Source)

Purpose of LFR
The point of LFR is to allow players that don't otherwise have the mans to raid to see the content.
Correct!  It's become more than that since then, but we realized that we were investing a lot of effort into content that only a few very dedicated players would see.  While we have always believed that raiding is important, we also wanted to provide a way for more players to see some of the most exciting content that we were working on, and Raid Finder was the result of that effort. (Source)

PvP Blog Post
And no, this isn't "dumbing it down" or "making it too easy" - the 2200 rating requirement was implemented when there was far more activity (read: MORE INFLATION) and the goal has become far more difficult to reach RELATIVE TO ACTIVITY.
I think you'll be interested in what we have to say in an upcoming blog on the subject of PvP. (Source)

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