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If you haven't heard, there's an event called Extra-Life that runs every year since 2008.  This event is a gaming marathon.  Users sign up and pledge to play as much of a 24-hour gaming marathon as possible.  I've signed up this year with the hopes of getting maybe one or two donations.  I will likely not be participating in the entire 24-hour marathon, as my schedule won't allow it; however, I will be playing as much as possible tomorrow, October 20th.  I will also be streaming it via twitch.  You can go directly to my Twitch channel or go to the Live Stream link in the upper navigation bar on this site.

If you would like to donate (which I encourage everyone who is able to do so), please click the image at the bottom of this post.  I will be playing in support of my local children's hospital, the Penn State/Milton S. Hershey Children's Hospital, located in Hershey, PA.  100% of donations will go directly to the children's portion of the hospital.

A little extra story as to why I selected this hospital... On July 14, 2008, my son Joshua was born.  At the age of two and a half, he was found in his bed at the end of nap time unresponsive and not breathing.  He was rushed to our local hospital and then transported to the Penn State/Milton S. Hershey Children's Hospital.  Joshua spent a week on life support while the staff did everything they could for him, my wife, and I.  In the end, he had gone too long without oxygen.  On February 28, 2011 we said our final goodbyes and removed life support.  Joshua was, however, able to donate a few organs and help save a few other lives (3, if I remember correctly).  What had caused this?  The H1N1 flu virus.

It was only because of the children's hospital that Joshua even stood a chance of recovery.  Children like Joshua, and others suffering all kinds of illness/injury, are cared for at hospitals like this all over the country every day.  It's important that we donate to ensure that the level of care in these hospitals is as good (or better) tomorrow as it is today.  If you can spare a few dollars (any amount can be donated with no minimum), please donate.  Thank you.

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